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randori nationals
All clubs are invited to take part in the Randori Nationals, this is a 2 day event, with training, competitions and an exclusive social venue on Saturday evening.

The Randori Nationals provide an opportunity to test throwing skills against a resisting opponent. Our style of Jitsu has its orgins in Kodokan, so we use the rules of traditional randori to provide a safe and fun competiton for all levels of skill.

The competiton is divided into nage-waza - standing throwing, gatamae-waza - ground work, and an open competition.

The competition is compliemented by 2 mornings of instruction from the Foundation most senior teachers.

This event gets bigger each year. Speak to your club instructor and committee to ensure you book your places early.

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Please contact your club committees to book your accommodation for this year's Randori Nationals. Organising committees or individuals not got your hotel sorted please follow the links below

Location of hotels website for availability of hotels in Northampton

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The Jitsu Foundation 2015 Randori Nationals is being held on 28th Feb/1st Mar 2015 at:

Benham Sports Arena
Kings Park Road

Entry Fee:-

Course and Competition:£30
Course only:£15

Evening Event

The Black Bottom Club
George Row

Tickets: £6
Please note tickets will be required by venue security for entry

Dress Code: dress to impress!
No beach wear and no sports wear (team shirts, vests or trainers).
The Club's dress code must be adhered to by everyone entering the club. Failure to comply may result in admission to the Club being refused.

Everyone should aim to arrive 0830-0900 for the Jitsu Foundation 2015 Randori Nationals in gis so we can get the event started on time.

The licences of anyone going to the Randori Nationals on 28th Feb/1st Mar 2015 must be received along with payment at the office (either by email, fax or post) by 20th Feb 2015 (in most cases well before this). No licences will be put through without receipt of payment.

As has been the case for several years it will not be possible to register for the competition at the event. Registration must be made either individually or by your club committeee online in advance in the members area. The closing date for registration will be Monday 23rd Feb 2015 at Midnight. Late registrations will be allowed after this until Midnight on Wednesday 25th Feb 2015, but will incur a £5 late registration fee.


To pay registration fees by BACS please just put Randori15-*yourclub* as the transfer ref, complete and email the Excel Payment Form. If you are paying by cheque please print off a payment form , complete and send with a the cheque to the The Jitsu Foundation Ltd, PO Box 5068, Bath, BA1 0QD.

You can also pay for your tickets for the evening event in advance by BACS please use reference RNC15_*yourclub* and send an email with the number of tickets you need, the amount you've transfered and who they are for. They will then be available for collection on the day.

Please send emails of payment forms, tickets payment confirmations, requests for invoices for your club and requests for confirmation of the bank account details for BACs payment to:

Check below for details of live registrations. Please Login to the members area to register or make corrections to entrants details.

Current Entrants for the 2015 Randori Nationals
ClubBUCS StatusNameGradeCompWeightAdded

Migi shezentai - natural posture, is the starting position for randori, this posture and good grip of the gi allows the full range of throwing techniques, grip should be relaxed and arms bent.
correct elbow grip correct lapel grip collar grip should result in throw
one hand gripping under opponents elbow opposite hand grips lapel, arms bent and relaxed higher collar grips are permitted but should not be held for long, and should lead directly to a throw, arm should still be bent
Negative, passive or overly defensive actions, all actions illustrated show actions that prevent free randori, and if these positions are held for more than 2 seconds and do not preceed a throw, will be penalised
poor gripping straight arms straight arms and defensive posture
poor gripping will not allow throws straight arms is negative as it
stops an opponent entrering for a throw, and also prevents the
user from throwing
straight arms and defensive posture
jigotai - defensive posture forcing opponent into jigotai both competitors in jigotai
jigotai - defensive posture, is also negative and will be penalised pushing your opponent into defensive posture without attempting to throw will also be penalised both opponents holding defensive posture is passivity

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